Experience a day at Moonlight!


A typical day at Moonlight is full of friendship and learning, but what does that really look like?

Arrival – 10:45 AM
First Period – 11:00 AM
Lunch – 12:00-12:55 PM
Second Period – 1:00 PM
Third Period – 2:00 PM
Clean Up & Dismissal – 3:00 PM
Volunteer Clean Up – 3:05 PM

After Co-op Clubs – 3:10 PM

Our co-op runs thanks to the efforts of our parents, which is why helping with the day-to-day workings of Moonlight is mandatory. When you sign up as a member of Moonlight, you take responsibility for your role here, whether that’s teaching, assisting, or working in another support role. Without your involvement, we cannot function.

When you arrive, you should begin the tasks you are assigned to do. As a teacher, you should have all the materials you need with you (books, supplies, etc.) and be ready to start the day; if you are a teacher during the first period, go ahead to your classroom and get set up. If you are teaching in other periods, you can keep your materials with you, set them somewhere in your classroom, or place them in the storage room. You are responsible for maintaining order in your class and covering the materials outlined in your lesson plans.

One of the ways that a teacher succeeds is with the help of an assistant. We require each class to have, at minimum, one assistant to help maintain order, assist students with tasks, and answer questions. Usually, assistants are assigned to specific classes, but in case of absences, assistants might be moved around; they sometimes need to step up and teach as a substitute for the class they assist in, sub for other classes, or simply assist elsewhere.

We also have other support roles that help Moonlight function. Our security team is posted throughout the building, keeping an eye on exits, making sure our students don’t wander, and following our emergency protocols. Our hall monitors are there to escort kids to the bathroom during classes and to help with spills/messes.

We want to work with our families as much as possible, but we need helping hands and willing hearts to make this co-op run. It is thanks to all these amazing parents who have stepped up and filled these roles that we have seen the success we have. If you are interested in joining Moonlight, consider where you can do the most good and sign up for it!

For our students, the day begins in the Fellowship Hall, where everyone gathers to hear our morning announcements. After announcements are completed, students are sent to their first-period classes with their teachers, class by class, so we can make sure everyone is going to the right place. In class, they’ll listen to their teachers and learn for a one-hour class period before releasing back to the Fellowship Hall for lunch.

Lunch is an hour-long break where each parent is responsible for their own child/children. This break gives families the time to eat and kids the chance to play. As the lunch hour concludes, everyone returns to the Fellowship Hall for dismissals.

Just like in the morning, second period will be dismissed class by class. When their second-period class ends, dismissal is monitored by a member of our staff to ensure a smooth and safe transition from second to third period.

After their third-period class is completed, classes are dismissed to the Fellowship Hall. Once there, families are to wait together so we can make sure every student has found their parent and there aren’t any wayward students. Once every child has found their parent/guardian, everyone is dismissed for the day.

Become a Moonlighter!

We are a welcoming and inclusive homeschooling co-op of secular families who are passionate about providing quality education to our children. We are committed to creating a supportive environment that fosters academic excellence without judgment, allowing every child the opportunity to learn and grow, regardless of their background or beliefs. We’ve made it our mission to provide a safe community where homeschoolers in the Tri-Cities can come together to receive a quality academic education. As homeschooling parents, we recognize the importance of finding a co-op that aligns with your values and beliefs, which is why we created this community for families like ours. We are confident that you will find Moonlight Co-op to be an exceptional place for your children to learn and thrive.

Family Registration

Family Registration

As a parent, choosing the right path for your child’s future is a big deal. When you become a part of Moonlight, you’re not just enrolling them in a co-op; you’re giving them an incredible opportunity to grow academically in a warm and inclusive setting. It’s a choice that can make a big difference!

Classes Offered

Current Classes

Here at Moonlight, we’ve got a diverse array of classes, from essential subjects to fun extracurriculars. While we’re all about academics, we’re also passionate about giving students a complete education and a chance to dive into their passions in a friendly and inclusive environment. Take a look at what we’re offering!